Yokohama night landscape attract worldwide viewers. YORUNOYO YOKOHAMA (=Please visit or touch to Yokohama =YOKOHAMA CROSS NIGHT ILLUMINATION) event is held until 26th December.

At the center of event site the lit huge dome is set. Everyone can enjoy fantastic atmosphere which is performed by light performance. This event is held by Yokohama city and relevant buildings. This cooperation enabled big Xmas present to not only Yokohama citizens but also worldwide viewers. Because this fantastic view is shared on the internet globally.

If you can visit this venue everyone can experience lit artistic object and dynamic light performance. Light up big dome, harmonized light up of surrounding buildings and laser beam is flashed above sky. The night view is famous of distinctive romantic spot of Yokohama. Additionally YORUNOYO YOKOHAMA event accelerates the charm of Yokohama.

The most gorgeous view can be gotten at the Big Yokohama Bridge. It is big X mas present which is held until 26th December.