Yokohama city announced on 22nd June to hold “Yokohama Triennale 2020” in July to October.

“Yokohama Triennale” is the modern art exhibition held in every 3 years. It introduces the work of worldwide artist. It is the best opportunity to touch to modern art trend for audience. In 2001 1st exhibition was held and lead Yokohama city to develop to cultural, artistic and creative city.

In this year Indian 3 artists were nominated as directors of the event. It is the first trial to promote foreigner as directors.

65 groups of artists participated to introduce their works. More than half of artists are occupied by 20’s 30’s young artists coming from all over the world.

Currently corona infection suffers citizen’s activity. But this event is devised to prevent corona damage. The number of audiences is limited and keep social distance. Sterilize alcohol and temperature detection are prepared. It is held since 17th July until 11th October in Yokohama city.