Yokohama will be filled with music at the “Super Universal” music festival!

The “Yokohama Music Festival 2016” holds its press conference
Dempagumi.inc, Narimichi Kawabata, Misato Watanabe, and Tetsuya Bessho appeared on stage and shared their thoughts about the biggest ever music festival in Japan.

●Time & Date: 14:30?15:30, April 12 (Tue), 2016
●Venue: Spiral Hall
●Guests: Dempagumi.inc, Violinist Narimichi Kawabata, Misato Watanabe, Tetsuya Bessho

Yokohama Arts Festival Executive Committee announced that the press conference of “Yokohama Music Festival 2016” was held in Spiral Hall (Spiral 3F, 5-6-23 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo) today. The festival will be held over 67 days from Thursday, September 22 to Sunday, November 27, 2016, featuring a wide variety of genres including classical, jazz, pop and traditional Japanese music.

“Yokohama Music Festival 2016” will be the largest music festival to ever be held in Japan. Last time, during “Yokohama Music Festival 2013,” more than 3.8 million people came together to put the entire city of Yokohama in a festive mood.

Yokohama City has been hosting art-oriented festivals every year, with an aim of increasing broader citizen participation, educating the next generation, drawing domestic and international attention to the world-level cultural and artistic charm of the city, creating prosperity for the city, and revitalizing its economy. This year, the theme of the show is “Super Universal,” and more than 300 programs will be held around Yokohama that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age, disability ? or taste in music.

The press conference got off to an impressive start with the live music of the Yokooto Fanfare Troupe. Next, Kiichi Sumikawa, Chairman of the Yokohama Arts Festival Executive Committee, greeted the conference attendees, enthusiastically stating that “The city of Yokohama was revitalized by music last time. We appreciate your attention this time as it is going to be even more exciting.” Yokohama OTOMATSURI 2016 director Ohko Arai then announced an overview of the full program.

Several of the artists who will be performing during the festival ? Dempagumi.inc, Narimichi Kawabata, Misato Watanabe, and Tetsuya Bessho ? appeared on stage and talked about how excited they were for the festival.

One of the members of Dempagumi.inc, Mirin Furukawa, said “I love Yokohama and I call it my second home. I’m excited to deliver a festival-style performance for the people of Yokohama!” and struck a victory pose. Another member, Moga Mogami, commented with a bright and smiling face, “The best thing about music is that we can all appreciate it regardless of nationality, age or sex. Let’s all enjoy it together!”

Violinist Narimichi Kawabata commented on “Music in the Dark,” a style of performance done in complete darkness. He excitedly said, ”I’m sure not many people have experienced this kind of concert before. You can practically feel the music with your body, and I’m also very excited about this performance.”

This year, Yokohama Music Festival will include the screening of major short films around the city. Actor Tetsuya Bessho was enthusiastic about this latest addition to the event: “We are going to tour all 18 wards of Yokohama City! Music and movies are inseparable. I’m sure everyone will enjoy this new chemistry of rhythm, melody and video.”

Misato Watanabe enthusiastically said, “I’m hoping to make this concert into an experience where people can feel the richness of live sound with their minds and souls.” About her concert during the festival period, she declared, “Since I have been involved in a lot of Yokohama’s inaugural events, like the 150th anniversary of the opening of Yokohama Port, you can count on me for a great opening memorial concert!”

Event Details

Event Name Yokohama OTOMATSURI 2016 Press Conference
Date April 12 (Tue), 2016, 2:30?3:30 PM
Venue Spiral Hall (Spiral 3F, 5-6-23 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Contents Performance by Yokooto Fanfare Troupe
Greeting from Kiichi Sumikawa, Chairman of Yokohama Arts Festival Executive Committee
Greeting from Fumiko Hayashi, Mayor of Yokohama
Introduction of sponsors
Introduction of programs by Ohko Arai, Director of Yokohama OTOMATSURI 2016
Entrance of guests on the stage, messages from guests and Q&A session
Photo session
Guests Dempagumi.inc, Narimichi Kawabata (violinist), Misato Watanabe, Tetsuya Bessho
Official Website http://yokooto.jp/

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