Rinnai scores Good Design Award in 2015
Third-generation ECO ONE hybrid water heater with heating system

Recognized for streamlined styling and enhanced placement versatility

Rinnai Corporation, a comprehensive manufacturer of heat-energy appliances that support comfortable lifestyles through heating, was honored again at the 2015 Good Design Awards sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. This marks the 42nd award that Rinnai has won over nine consecutive years since 2007.

ECO ONE is a residential-use, hybrid water heater with heating system that combines an electric heat pump, which draws heat from the air, and the high-performance Eco Jozu gas water heater, which facilitates instantaneous, hot water supply. The third-generation model, launched in April 2015, boasts energy savings at the industry’s top level and a refined external design. Visually, the champagne metallic finish on the heat pump and gas heater complements various home exteriors, and placement-wise, the system layout adjusts flexibly to available space.

Rinnai will maintain its focus on the three themes?heat and lifestyles, quality, and contributing to local communities?that infuse the Rinnai Spirit and will strive to capture more awards as a comprehensive heat-energy appliance manufacturer working to reduce consumption of resources and save energy.

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