Panasonic Joins Low Carbon Patent Pledge as first Japanese Company in Order to Help Build a Greener Future

Osaka, Japan – Panasonic Holdings Corporation (hereinafter "Panasonic") today announced that it had joined the Low Carbon Patent Pledge (LCPP), granting free licenses (*1) to the Panasonic green tech patents listed on the LCPP website to encourage innovation and help create a more sustainable future.

The LCPP is a framework established on Earth Day (April 22), 2021 with the aim of accelerating the implementation of low-carbon technologies and promoting joint, open innovation throughout society. Panasonic, which announced its own Panasonic GREEN IMPACT initiative in January 2022, seeks to support the LCPP's efforts by making certain patents for low-carbon technologies available royalty-fee. Panasonic is the first Japanese company to join the LCPP (as of August 23, 2022).

The patents granted by Panasonic under the LCPP are related to the highly efficient artificial photosynthesis technologies that achieve energy conversion efficiency at the same level as real plants used for biomass energy. By making these patents available royalty-free through the LCPP, we hope others will continue to develop artificial photosynthesis technology for practical use, leading to an improved global environment for all.

Panasonic will continue to utilize its intellectual property rights covering technologies that contribute to the environment to promote the commercialization of such technologies within the Panasonic group as well as co-creation with our partners. By promoting the social implementation of these technologies in such various ways, Panasonic aims to continue making contributions to society.

*1: Royalty-free licenses to granted patents are available to all individuals and groups under the terms and conditions set by the LCPP. https://lowcarbonpatentpledge.org/the-pledge/

●LCPP (Low Carbon Patent Pledge) Overview

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, Meta (formerly Facebook), Alibaba, Lenovo, UPS, and others.
A wide range of technologies for dealing with climate change, including power management, zero-carbon energy sources, efficient data center architecture, and thermal management technologies.

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