Organized by JIB

The purpose of the “Catch Asia! Media Network” - a joint campaign by Japan International Broadcasting (JIB) and ASEAN/India’s Media Partner - is to promote proactive strategies and advanced technologies of Japanese companies in ASEAN/India, and the smooth distribution of information between ASEAN/India and Japan. The campaign has been worked out and implemented in a hope that it will facilitate economic activities and contribute to sustainable social and economic development in both ASEAN/India and Japan.

JIB will provide Media Partner with 6 minute news feature clips covered by and edited and produced by JIB according to themes that are of interest to Media Partner, that introduces viewers to a general overview of Participating Companies such as: their respective business strategies; technologies and services; and a specific focus on solution to traffic jams, transportation management, dewatering method and drain facility, solution to air pollution, environmental protection measures, top-level information and communication technology, smart house and urban technology, health technology, and method to ensure food safety, and introduces a commemorative event involving both countries and sightseeing in Japan. JIB, upon its own discretion, will provide Media Partner with up-to-date news and information about the Participating Companies including, but not limited to, their respective technologies, services, and strategies in ASEAN/India, products and exhibitions covered by JIB on a timely basis by means of the Campaign Website, e-mails and other communication methods. Media Partner will use news articles, news releases and images provided from JIB by means of the Campaign Website, e-mails and other communication methods to promote the Participating Companies.