19/09/2013 | 09:12:00

Gas One Summit

Gas One Summit

Gas One prepared 400 big gas station to store and supply gas nationwide.

Japanese representative gas supplying company Gas One held 10th “Gas One Summit” = annual meeting in Tokyo on 18th September. Reflecting rising of concern to clean energy, 700business people participated.

President Mr Takehiko Kawamoto explained that Japan declared in United Nation leader’s meeting to reduce greenhouse gas 25 % until 2020 Olympic year.

To realize that declaration Gas One promotes Ene Farm of Toshiba. It is the facility to generate electricity and battery to store electricity. When Ene Farm generate electricity it reduces CO2 emission 48 %. It reduces lighting and heating expense 26 %. Also when blackout occur electricity generation continue working by its own energy. Thus the home which prepare Ene Farm is not necessary to wonder blackout.

President Mr Takahiko Kawamoto mentioned bout the lesson of March 11 earth quake. Gas One prepared 400 big gas station to store and supply gas nationwide. This treatment is according to the measurement of the Government.

After March 11 earthquake the Government set the policy that at the time of disaster the Government supply stored gas to big gas station. Quick measurement of Gas One contributes to keep safe social life in the disaster.

Gas One promote Eco One system which supply hot water. Eco One work by mixed energy = gas and electricity. It enables saving energy and saving heating expense.

Gas One seek clean environment and energy saving based on the cooperation with Japanese companies Toshiba and Rinnai. This foot of Japanese company’s cooperation will expand to create safe and sustainable modern society.