We create structures and facilities around the world that offer superior quality and promote social and cultural values that are in harmony with the environment, all the while working to protect the environment and contribute to culture.
We cultivate a workplace environment in which employees can work in comfort and with a sense of purpose and motivation.
We tirelessly work to advance corporate growth through business expansion, sales activities, research and development, and business and management innovations, with management and employees alike tackling their duties in a fresh and creative manner.
We keep the fundamentals in mind to meet customer needs in a timely manner, thus enabling us to earn fair returns.
We undertake each of our tasks with great focus and passion.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Tokyo has a 400-year history as the capital of Japan that started at the beginning of the Edo period. During this time, it suffered from earthquakes and war, but in the postwar period it was the driving force behind Japan's miraculous economic growth. Today, about 13 million people, nearly 10 percent of the nation's population, live, work, rest and learn in Tokyo. Tokyo has advanced in all fields, such as politics, economy and culture, and is the center of Japan's economy and society.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Yamaha Motor (TOKYO: 7272) is a world-leading producer of motorcycles, marine products, power products and surface mounters. The company’s diverse business and wide variety of products are built around its proprietary technologies focused on small engines, fiberglass-reinforced plastics and electronic control. Yamaha Motor conducts global development, production and marketing operations through 140 subsidiaries and equity-method affiliates in 30 countries. About 90% of consolidated net sales are generated in more than 200 countries outside of Japan. The company is steadily restructuring its global engineering, manufacturing and marketing capabilities for sustainable long-term growth. Please visit

City of Yokohama

Yokohama is a city of art and culture where new urban values and fascination continue to be generated through the creativity given by such art and culture. What is so special about Yokohama is its success in collaborating with stylishness in various periods in history which is well exampled not only in the international museums or unique objects placed in the parks naturally incorporated with the harbor cityscape, but also its efforts to respect and reserve Japanese traditional popular arts. We continue to endeavor to provide various opportunities to artists and creators for their presentations by establishing and reinforcing cultural facilities such as museums, classical music hall or Noh (Japanese traditional masked dance-drama) theaters, and utilizing local resources of warehouses and historical buildings, which will, we firmly believe, also bring economic revitalization to our city.