Industry : Construction, Architecture, Engineering and Property Services

Slogan : Today's Work, Tomorrow's Heritage

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We create structures and facilities around the world that offer superior quality and promote social and cultural values that are in harmony with the environment, all the while working to protect the environment and contribute to culture.

We cultivate a workplace environment in which employees can work in comfort and with a sense of purpose and motivation.
We tirelessly work to advance corporate growth through business expansion, sales activities, research and development, and business and management innovations, with management and employees alike tackling their duties in a fresh and creative manner.
We keep the fundamentals in mind to meet customer needs in a timely manner, thus enabling us to earn fair returns.
We undertake each of our tasks with great focus and passion.

  • Tokyo
  • 2-16-1 Kyobashi
  • Chuo-ku
  • Tokyo 104-8370
  • +81-3-3561-1111
  • +81-3-3561-8527

  • 8 Kallang Avenue #05-01
  • Aperia Tower 1
  • Singapore 339509
  • +65-6220-0406
  • +65-6224-9890
  • Kazuo Nakamoto


1804 Founder Kisuke Shimizu established the company in Kanda Kaji-cho, Edo (present-day Tokyo).
1838 Participated in construction of western section of Edo Castle in Tokyo.
1859 Began operations in newly opened port of Yokohama and acquired expertise in Western construction technology.
1868 Constructed Japan's first Western-style hotel, Tsukiji Hotel.
1872 Built the structure for Japan's first bank, the Dai-Ichi National Bank.
1915 Transformed from private management to corporation, and renamed Shimizu Gumi.
1937 Reorganized as Shimizu Gumi, Ltd.
1944 Research and Development Section established within Design Division.
1948 Renamed Shimizu Construction Co., Ltd.
1962 Shares listed on first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1991 Headquarters relocated to Seavans (Minato-ku, Tokyo)
1998 Received ISO9001 certification in Japan.
Completed Japan's leading Electromagnetic Environment Laboratory at Shimizu's Institute of Technology.
1999 Received ISO14001 certification in Japan.
Received orders for Japan's first PFI business (Kanamachi Water Purification Plant, Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government).
2003 200 years since Shimizu was established.
Completed new main building at Shimizu's Institute of Technology.
2010 Long-term vision "Smart Vision 2010" developed.
2012 Kyobashi headquarters began operating (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

Major Projects / Products / Services

Major projects: Senso-ji Temple
Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower
Sanno Park Tower
Tokyo Horse Race Course
Rokkasho Solar Park,

1. Contracting for building, civil engineering, machinery and other construction works;
2. Research, planning, study, evaluation, diagnosis, soil analysis, surveying, design,
supervision, management and consultancy in connection with construction works;
3. Research, planning, design, supervision, management and consultancy in connection with regional development, urban development, ocean development, space development, resources and energy development, and environment improvement, and the like;
4. Purchase, sale, letting, brokerage, management, appraisal and consultancy in connection with real estate;
5. Construction, sale, letting and caretaking of residential houses and other kinds of buildings and development and sale of land;
6. Second financial instruments business, investment advisory and agency business under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and business under the Real Estate Specific Joint Enterprise Law;
7. Planning, construction, possession, maintenance and operation of public and quasi-public facilities such as public office buildings, educational and cultural facilities, medical and welfare facilities, roads, harbors, airports, parks, water supply and sewerage facilities and the like;
8. Generation of electrical power and supply of energy such as electricity, heat and the like, and the transfer of emission rights of gases having global warming effect, and consultancy in connection therewith;
9. Cultivation of agricultural produce, forestry work, cultivation of seafood; processing and sale of products from said operations and management of facilities related to said operations; and consulting work related to the above;
10. Undertaking of soil analysis and purification work, collection, disposition, disposal, and reutilization of waste, and consultancy in connection therewith;
11. Design, installation, sale, lease, maintenance and consultancy in relation to information communication systems, building management systems and the like;
12. Maintenance and upkeep, security and cleaning of buildings, equipment and machinery;
13. Design, manufacturing, sale, lease and brokerage of construction machinery, concrete products for construction, wooden products for building construction, furniture, interior fittings and wood products, and sale, lease and brokerage of construction materials;
14. Acquisition, licensing and sale of industrial property, copyrights, know-how and computer software;
15. Management and consultancy in relation to sporting facilities, hotels, restaurants and resort facilities;
16. Sales of pharmaceuticals, medical care materials, medical machinery and equipment, management of and consultancy in relation to facilities with nursing services for senior citizens, and domestic nursing service;
17. Planning, production and sales of advertisements, publications, printing, images and other information media, and planning, operation and consultancy in relation to business events;
18. Inland transportation, and the operation of warehouses and distribution centers;
19. Agency for non-life insurance, agency for life insurance, travel agency and manpower supply agency;
20. Financial business such as loans, guarantees and factoring;
21. Overseas operations in connection with any of the preceding items; and
22. Any and all business related to or associated with any of the preceding items.

Asian head Quarter
Address: 8 Kallang Avenue #05-01, Aperia Tower 1, Singapore 339509
Representative/Director: Kazuo Nakamoto
Tel: 65-6220-0406
Fax: 65-6224-9890
Principle of company: Refer to the above
Major projects in Asia & India: Baichai Bridge(Vietnam)
Lot 1-1 Water Transfer Tunnel And Related Works (Malaysia), Fusionpolis(Singapore)
Changi Airport Terminal 3(Singapore)