Big summer present for foreign tourist to Japan is introduced on 1st July in Tokyo.

Big summer present for foreign tourist to Japan is introduced on 1st July in Tokyo.

Amendment of tax exemption and Japan Shopping Festival 2014 Summer were announced by Japan Tourism Agency and Japanese leading credit card company JCB.

Amendment of tax exemption will start from October. It is convenient and profitable for foreign tourist. Procedure of consumer tax exemption is completed all at once in duty free shop. In the shop foreign tourist can avoid tax payment only one time declaration. It is more convenient than EU system which requires late cash back and application at the time of leaving country. Target of exemption tax is spread to all products including food, drink, medicine and cosmetics. They were excluded from subject of exemption.

Mr. Shigeto Kubo Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency explained that in last year 10 Million foreign tourists visit Japan. The number will rise to 20 Million in 2020 Tokyo Olympic year accelerated by attractive shopping. Duty free shop will increase to 10,000 in 2020.

Japan Shopping Festival 2014 Summer has started cerebrated by campaign character “Kitty”. Executive Vice President of JCB Brand Marketing Dep. Mr. Jiro Sugihara explained about contribution to this event. Card members of JCB around the world can get free admission to Tokyo Tower’s main observatory. 17 Million international card members of JCB in 16 countries and territories can enjoy overlooking view of Tokyo by just showing JCB card at the entrance.

In this event many gorgeous present is prepared for foreign tourist. Also information of bargain sale is delivered through SNS and web site.

The strategy of JCB is very clear. 78% of foreign tourists come from Asia. JCB focuses on to Asian tourist and develop new various services to attract tourists from neighbor country.