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JLIA was established in 1986 as a comprehensive organization serving to horizontally integrate the manufacturing, distribution and various industries associated with leather as a material and leather goods. Currently, 27 leather-affiliated entities are active members of JLIA.
JLIA serves to advance and develop leather industries and promote exchange between individuals who partake in leather-affiliated industries both within Japan and abroad. We also engage in a variety of businesses for the purpose of contributing to the formation of an enriched livelihood culture for consumers.

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JLIA is a comprehensive organization founded in 1986 for the purpose of working towards the overall promotion and development of and solidarity reinforcement for leather industries while simultaneously contributing to the development of Japanese industries and the advancement of the livelihood culture of the Japanese people. The organization carries out these objectives through conducting the likes of total coordination of various policies, the development of technology, and promulgation and enlightenment activities as they pertain to the production, distribution and trade of leather and leather goods.
For the purpose of achieving the above objectives, JLIA engages in the following businesses:

  • Total coordination of various policies, etc. in leather industries
  • R&D pertaining to technology in leather industries
  • Promulgation and enlightenment activities in leather industries
  • Technology promotion, market channel development and human resources development in leather industries
  • Investigative research pertaining to production, distribution, consumption and trade in leather industries
  • Gathering and provision of information pertaining to leather industries
  • Investigative research for the purpose of preventing pollution and improving health and safety in leather industries
  • Promotion of international exchange and overseas expansion in leather industries
  • Breeding and cultivation of animal life forms in leather industries
  • Management improvement support in leather industries
  • Support activities for reinforcing the business foundation of the leather shoe manufacturing industry
  • Structural improvement support in the leather shoe manufacturing industry
  • Cooperative activities for administrative policies pertaining to leather industries
  • Liaison and coordination activities with related institutions
  • Matters other than the above that are necessary in order to achieve the stipulated objectives

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